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A New Direction for Airstack

Thanks for your interest in Airstack. Our software has evolved to an internal productivity tool and is no longer available publicly.
If you have further questions about Airstack, please talk to your customer success representative.

Looking for ways to increase productivity?
Check out our award-winning solution, LanSchool.

LanSchool: Guide Learning, Increase Collaboration and Maximize Instruction Time

As a pioneer and innovator of classroom management software, LanSchool helps instructors connect with students to create more meaningful online experiences, both in the classroom and remotely. In addition to its traditional use in K-12 schools, LanSchool can be used to facilitate virtual corporate training.
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Access everything you need from any device – anytime, anywhere.

Unified Workspace enables organizations to provide secure, browser-based access to files, web applications and remote desktops from a single workspace on any device. With built-in single sign-on, users can login to all their applications using a single password. Plus, it includes a web-based file explorer so users can get to their shared and home directories from anywhere.
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