LanSchool Classroom Management Features

What can LanSchool do? Whether your goal is to equip students with valuable digital skills for the future, enhance classroom communication, increase the quality of education in your school, or all of the above, LanSchool has dozens of features to help teachers create meaningful classroom experiences on any device.

Communication & Screen Sharing

Broadcast Teacher Screen

Forget oversized screens and projectors – teachers can use LanSchool to show their screen on student monitors. Choose fullscreen view to control students' screens and lock their mouse and keyboard as they follow along. Windowed view broadcasts the teacher's screen as a resizeable window so students can keep working while they watch.

Broadcast Student Screen

Enable student-led learning by broadcasting one student’s screen to the other students’ computers. The student being showcased maintains complete control of their machine while the other students’ keyboards and mice are locked as they watch the student instructor’s screen in fullscreen mode.

Push Website

Eliminate time spent solving URL confusion by instantly launching the same webpage on any or all chromebook or computer devices in the classroom.

Blank Screen

Return students’ focus to the front of the class by blanking their screens. Customize the image and message students see when their screen is blanked, down to the individual student level.

Launch App

Cut time spent troubleshooting students’ navigation skills by launching the same app on the student device(s) of your choice.

Mute Audio

Refocus student attention to the front of the class by muting their device’s audio.


Give private feedback or discreetly get a student back on task via private message. Your message will appear in the corner of their screen. Alternatively, you can opt to “force” the student to read it, making the message appear in the center of their screen and requiring them to click to dismiss it. Students can also directly message the teacher a question.

Send/Receive Files

Teachers can send learning resources like documents, reading materials, project templates and other files directly to students’ devices. This enables students to easily access those resources when their devices are offline. When students return to class, the teacher can quickly collect the files from each student for evaluation.

Group Chat

Facilitate communication with and among students by selecting one or more students with whom to chat. A chat window will appear on all selected devices, and all participants will be able to see each other’s responses. Terminate the chat when you’re ready for students to move on.

Monitoring & Protection

Thumbnail/fullscreen monitoring

Spend less time going from desk to desk and more time teaching. See what each student is working on and identify when a student may need additional help or encouragement to get back on task. Observe student screens in thumbnail or fullscreen view.

Web limiting

Keep students on task and standardize outside research by setting restrictions on which websites one or more students can access at any given time. Choose to block all websites, allow only a specific list of sites, or block only a specific list of sites.

Remote Control

Assist students on their computers without sitting at the student’s machine, and easily log in to all student devices or install applications and updates across all student devices. While the teacher or IT admin has remote control, you can choose to lock the student’s keyboard and mouse or share control so the student can continue working. IT admins can also remote control more than one student computer at the same time, applying all keystrokes and mouse movements to all computers.

Web & Application History

In rare cases, it may be necessary to view a student’s web or application history to ensure they are staying safe while online. It’s not possible to actively monitor every student all the time. All web browsing, application usage, and even keystroke history can be captured and viewed later to ensure students are staying safe and using technology appropriately. This feature can also be turned off if preferred.

App Limiting

Specify which applications can be run on student devices. Allow a specific list of apps or block a specific list of apps for one or more students.

Keyword alerting

Get notified when students type or search for specific terms. Alerts can be sent directly to the teacher and to a central reporting server at the school for admins to monitor.

Screen Snapshot

Save screenshots of a student’s screen to share in parent/teacher conferences or conversations with the student.

Limit Print

Choose which student computers are allowed to print at any given time.


Tests & Quizzes

Create digital tests of up to 100 questions that can include multiple choice, true/false, short answer, or essay questions. Assign a time limit for all students or an individualized time limit for students who need different accommodations. Input the correct answers to have the tests grade themselves.


Get rid of the clickers, and use LanSchool to send a single multiple choice or true/false questions to one or more student devices. Receive instant responses and choose to see a summary of student responses, dig in to individual responses, or export responses to a CSV file.

Device Management

Battery Status

Eliminate surprised and keep student devices charged by easily viewing the battery status for all devices.

Remote Power On/Off

Remotely turn students’ devices on or off to conduct application updates and other IT maintenance more easily.

Tech Console

A specialized version of The LanSchool Teacher Console, designed specifically for school IT technicians. Allows techs to assist both teachers and students remotely with features like messaging, remote control, remote software installation, and more.

Report Server

Collect web browsing and app activity from students in a secure, central database. Capture device inventory information in one place. Keyword alerts can also be collected and reported on.

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