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Privacy policy for LanSchool Web Helper Chrome Extension

This statement has been archived. Please view the current privacy policy at https://lanschool.com/privacy/

1. Introduction

1.1 LanSchool is a classroom management application made to help teachers maintain a great learning environment that is free from bullying, harassment and distractions and where students are on-task and learning.

2. Collecting personal information

2.1    LanSchool uses a Chrome extension to collect and store student web browsing history. This is done in an effort to allow teachers to gauge that students are paying attention and staying on-task in a classroom environment and following the school’s Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

2.2 Only the specific website URLs that are visited are recorded.

3. Using personal information

3.1 Student web history information collected by LanSchool is stored securely on student computers and optionally on a LanSchool Reporting Server on your local network. This information can be viewed by authorized users of the LanSchool Teacher and Tech Consoles. Authorized teachers can also block or allow access to websites from student computers based on this information.

4. Sharing personal information

4.1 Students’ web history is only viewable by authorized teachers or administrators within the school. This information is not disclosed to any third parties. All collected data only resides on devices on your local network.