Browser Requirements

Lenovo Unified Workspace requires a browser with JavasScript support. Some features require Java (1.7 or higher) on local workstation to work. Clients will need to meet the minimal requirements of a browser and Internet/network connections for full functionality. The list below outlines a list of suggested browsers that have been tested and are currently in use by our customers. We have a Help Center article that explains the challenges with old browsers.


Browser Version
Internet Explorer 11*
Firefox 71+
Chrome 78+
Safari 13+

Supported Databases

This table will provide the databases supported for a Unified Workspace Server installation. CoreDB means it can be used for core features like Request Logging, Audit Logging, Community, teamPages.


 Database Name  Version Supported Where 
MySQL  All with Type 4 driver  Core DB, Reporting 
MS SQL  2000,2005,2008, 2014, 2016 with Type 4 driver  Core DB, Reporting 
Oracle  All with JDBC Type 4 driver  Reporting 


Unified Workspace Specifications

This table provides the minimum hardware and software requirements for a Lenovo Unified Workspace Server installation.  Administrators can select different operating system platforms for the Unified Workspace Server and Relay. Please remember that these numbers are the minimum for just Unified Workspace. Each customer will have different needs based on what applications are being used. Please remember that if you are using virtual machines to take into account other virtual machines on the same system and to not over subscribe your virtual environment. You should refer to your OS vendors suggestions for the amount of memory for the Operating System. 


Operating System Min. Memory Min. Disk Space Min. Processor Speed
Windows 2012, 2012R2, 2016, 2019** 8 GB UW + OS Ram 5 GB 2.5 Ghz 64bit 4 cores
OpenSuSE, SuSE Enterprise, Redhat, Fedora, Ubuntu 8 GB UW + OS Ram 5 GB 2.5 Ghz 64bit 4 cores


Lenovo Unified WorkSpace Specifications

This table will provide the Operating Systems supported by the mobile workspace application and also which version of Lenovo Unified Workspace is required.


Operating System Mobile App Version Unified WorkSpace Version Required URL
iOS 8,9,10 Lenovo Unified Workspace for iOS Lenovo Unified WorkSpace 6.1 and higher Download
Android 4.0+ Lenovo Unified Workspace for Android Lenovo Unified WorkSpace 6.1 and higher Download


Lenovo Unified Workspace Directory Support

Lenovo Unified Workspace integrates into your organization's existing network directory service to simplify management and access control of all services. The matrix below outlines the supported directory service platforms and versions.


Directory Service Version Comments
MS Active Directory 2003, 2008, 2012 via LDAP, allow schema updates
Novell eDirectory 8.5 and greater via LDAP, allow schema updates


Windows 10 Edge Browser Notes

Microsoft is phasing out the original Edge browser. It does not support extensions and thus webPass will not work with this browser.


*Internet Explorer 11 Notes

As of January 12, 2016, Microsoft will only push security updates for Internet Explorer 11.  As such, we will only actively test and support Unified Workspace product in IE11.  Older browsers may still function with product and we will try our best to accommodate fixes for older browsers. 


**Unified Workspace

Installing Unified Workspace on Windows Server 2019 requires UW 6.5.8.x or higher.