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Today’s Workforce is Demanding and Consumerized

They expect a flexible, agile workplace with technology and policies to support their unique work style. Organizations that cannot adapt to engage and retain top talent risk decreased innovation, business relevance and ultimately profitability.

Challenges of the modern consumerized workforce
4.3 Devices owned per person by 2020
77% Of employees are more productive working remotely
$30B Is lost every year to millennial turnover in the US

The Status Quo is More Control

Most organizations try to maintain control by locking down the work environment - corporate provisioned devices and apps, work on-site in a specific office, securing content behind a firewall. That would make sense if the problem was control, but the real problem is empowerment.

It’s not about control any more.

For your employees to reach their fullest potential, they need the flexibility to work where, when and how they want

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It’s about empowerment.

Companies with an engaged workforce out-performed those without by up to


Unified Workspace Enables Empowerment

Lenovo Unified Workspace enables organizations to securely deliver the right apps and content, to the right users – anytime, anywhere on any device. So your workforce can have the flexibility, policies and tools they need to be more creative, productive and collaborative.

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Employee Experience
Uw art All their apps and content in one place
Uw tablet and mobile Consistent experience across personal or business devices
Uw avatar Secure, single sign-on access from anywhere
Business Outcome
Uw poster Maximize employee engagement and productivity
Uw lightbulb Enable workforce and business innovation
Uw bar chart Drive relevance and profitability